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Aromatherapy 201

is a course that follows the knowledge acquired during Aromatherapy 101. It has been carefully designed to give our students the necessary tools and knowledge required to practice safely and confidently.

The course will give the student the knowledge required to be able to take up confidently the theoretical components of the proficiency examinations of the various International governing bodies of Aromatherapy, be it in the UK, US, Australia and Asia among others.

You will gain a detailed knowledge of essential oils, carrier oils, therapeutics, individual formulations, and much, much more.

Aromatherapy 201 is particularly aimed at those students whose goal is to become a Practicing Professional Aromatherapist.

On completion, students will be given the opportunity to take the in house Aromatherapy 201 examination, and upon successful results will be awarded our Aromatherapy 201 certificate which will enable those who so wish to participate in the Aromatherapy 301 live practical classes.

After completing the practical examinations, successful students will be enabled to take the external examinations which are laid down by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

Prerequisites for this course are to hold the Aromatherapy 101 certificate awarded by Real Essences of Life, and have a certification in Anatomy and Physiology.

Successful students will be awarded the Aromatherapy 201 certificate which will credit them with 250 hours for Aromatherapy studies.

What advantages will I have after completing Aromatherapy 201?

You will be able to confidently practice aromatherapy blending, and give aromatherapy consultations which will be satisfying to you and your client, you will also have the skills to start your own product line and a cottage industry.

In the design of Aromatherapy 201 we have endeavoured to fulfill the requirements of all the best known international organizations in the field of aromatherapy, hence we feel very proud to offer you this course.

Aromatherapy 201 Course Materials:

Aromatherapy 201 Course Manual
The course manual contains 40 separate lessons with a comprehensive description of the topics and relevant references.

Cost: $800.00  

You have the option of purchasing your Aromatherapy 201 kits from us. (The price is not included in the course price and will be provided to you on enrolment)

The Aromatherapy 201 essential oil kit will allow you to become familiar with your essential oils from the beginning of your course and have a personal experience of each essential oil as you begin your studies.

Course Curriculum