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This rediscovered “new” modality combines Traditional Reiki with Crystal Healing from Atlantis and Lemuria.

The message to this effect comes directly from the ascended Master Saint Germain, Master of the Violet Flame and the Masters of the delete words in between White Light.

These activations and attunements are offered at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels to those who already familiar with energy work, Reiki Healers, Planetary Healers, and Channels.

Cost: Level 1: US $315.00 paid in full two weeks before the course starts. Otherwise US$230.00. Reservation is required.

The price includes a personal crystal, handouts and class material. Manuals and educational materials may be purchased at the event or through our web catalog.

For details on out Crystal Reiki Level 2 and Crystal Reiki Master Courses please enquire via e mail to