Crystal Healthy

Aromatherapy Angels

Aromatic Self-Esteem

Vancouver Fall 2010


Bring the healing, relaxing beauty of Aromatherapy into your Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding.

This course will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with what aromatherapy is and how it can contribute to a happier pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding for your clients.

During the six sessions you will get to know thoroughly the 12 most useful essential oils for the childbearing year, 3 of the best carrier oils, the most appropriate methods of treatment during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, how aromatherapy can help to solve the discomforts and imbalances which may present during this time and how to deal with some common superimposed discomforts such as colds, emotional states and many others.

This is a very popular workshop. We advise to reserve your place early.

Cost: US $330.- paid in full two weeks before the course starts.
Otherwise US$360.-. Reservation is required.

The price includes the essential oils studied, carrier oil, handouts and class material. Reference manuals and educational materials may be purchased.


The next Aromatherapy course for Midwifes and Doulas will be held in January and extends over six weeks, one day per week.
Oils provided for in class blending.
Douls kits available for purchase.
Class begins promptly at 11 am. and ends promptly at 3 pm.
Fees: $300

Course Content:

1. Female Reproductive -Anatomy and physiology
2. Aromatherapy Terminology.
3. The differences and similarities between essential oils, infused vegetable oils, herbs, homoeopathic remedies and flower essences.
4. The Required Safety Precautions when using essential oils and aromatics in pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
5. The benefits of Aromatherapy to alleviate the discomforts of each trimester.
6. The benefits of Aromatherapy during childbirth.
7. The benefits of Aromatherapy for the breastfeeding mother and baby.
8. Detailed study of the 12 most beneficial essential oils for the childbearing year.
9. Detailed study of the 3 most beneficial base oils for the childbearing year.
10. Blending and formulations for individual needs.
11. Bending practice.
12. The aromatherapy case history.
13. Energy anatomy: creating energetic blends.
14. Clinics.
Final exam