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Dr. Vivian Lunny

Vivian Lunny, MD (Bol.)

Registered Aromatherapist (RA)

Fellow of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (FIFA)

Internationally well known and highly respected pioneer in the fields of Aromatherapy Holistic and Energy Medicine, Dr. Vivian Lunny is a clinical practitioner, author, educator and coach who has written and facilitates many certification courses in alternative therapies.

Her focus now is on teaching her unique blend of knowledge that merges ancient and contemporary wisdom with nature's gifts of aromatic essential oils and the healing properties of precious gems guiding students to a deeply intuitive understanding of their abilities to help restore and maintain well being at all levels. Doctor Vivian is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian with an in depth understanding of Italian, French and Portuguese. She has facilitated and taught courses in Europe, Asia, throughout the Americas, Australia, and the Middle East. Doctor Vivianís knowledge and experience in the field of Clinical Aromatherapy and Integrative Medicine is both broad and authoritative.

Dr. Lunny holds a Medical Doctor degree from the University of San Andres, La Paz, Bolivia, was awarded a postgraduate Fellowship in Pathology by the British Council and was awarded a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, 1991.

Dr. Lunny is a clinical aromatherapist and published author. She has served as Research Chair of the Aromatherapy Organizations Council in the UK, and as a member of the development team for educational and national occupational standards for the aromatherapy profession (UK). In Canada, she has served as a board member of the BC Alliance of Aromatherapy and assisted in developing educational curricula. Dr. Lunny has lectured and taught extensively on the international circuit where she is renowned for her engaging style, patience, and clarity in explaining the most complex of topics in a simple, down-to-earth manner.

For more information, visit or contact Dr. Lunny directly at

Published author of many titles including:

  • The Readersí Digest Encyclopedia of Complementary Medicine (Aromatherapy Section). Readersí Digest Publications, UK, 2002.

  • Aromatherapy for the Birthing Year, 2005 (also translated into Mandarin and Czech).

  • Alternative Medicine: Aromatherapy. Salamander Press, 1997 (also translated into German and Norwegian).

  • Therapeutic Chemistry for Aromatherapists. REAL Ltd., 1995.

  • The Essential Oil Primer. REAL Ltd., 1995.

  • Contributing author:

  • Traditional Medicine and Health Care Coverage (Latin America Chapter). World Health Organization, 1983.

  • The Well Womanís Health Directory by Nicky Bradford. Sydgewick and Jackson, 1987.

  • Pain Relief in Childbirth by Nicky Bradford. Harper Collins, 1995.

  • Menís Health Matters: The Complete A to Z of Menís Health by Nicky Bradford. Vermillion, Ebury Press, 1995.

  • The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Complementary Medicine. Bloomsbury Press, 1995.

  • Foreword and review of:

  • The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Chrissie Wildwood

  • Advisor to authors of the following aromatherapy books:

  • The Dictionary of Essential Oils by Wanda Sellar

  • The Fragrant Year by Jayne Grayson

  • Aromatherapy by Shirley Whitton

  • Numerous articles have appeared in international aromatherapy publications. For a full list, contact Dr. Lunny: